Hello, nice to meet you world. You can know me as Regin. Writing a blog is not something new to me. I did write a blog back to 2012, but I had stopped writing due to schools. Back then I didn’t know much about writing a blog, yet till this time round, I am feeling the same about writing. However, I want to learn how to write a good article, I want to improve that is why I am decided to start writing again now. Correction is much needed to me right now 😉

February 24, 2017

5 years since the last time I wrote a blog, had passed. Back when I was still 16, a blog about me has written. I wrote about myself, my best friends, my brother, and shared my favorites idols – Glee. I used blogs as a platform for me to share my teenage’s life. Teenage’s life was beautiful and adventurous for me. Many things happened, and I am blessed to experience all of that problems in my life.

Today is another blessing for me. I can say that I am not in my early teenagers’ era anymore, but starting to dive into new generation. I started to think about my life in the future, my career, and I have to say when I am writing this blog, I am thinking of what am I doing here, sitting alone in front of a screen? Is this the day for me to start writing again? YES, please.

I am very pleased to share my experiences to everybody, and pleased to have every correction on me about my writing. I will definitely use this opportunity to improve myself and promise to write more if you guys loved to see my blog 🙂

….short post for the start, guys. Will write another post about me next time so y’all can know about me further….

Have a blessed everyone,