Welcome, Selamat Datang to my site. 

My Name is Regina Nathania B. I was born in Indonesia in 1996 and been living in my hometown since then. There re only two small heads in da house, me and my lil bro. 

I went for kindergarten till senior high in my hometown, n decided to take my degree in Singapore. I spent 2,5 yrs in Singapore till I hve finished my study(I graduate, YEYYY). 

Ok, what am I doing wth my life for these past years ?  I hve to say my life started to face fun things back in my senior high’s moments till university. For short (I’ll write another post bout this further, 👍) I love dancing and basically thats wht Im doing the most in my university’s life. 

I love knowing new people, interacting, sharing, and of course making new friend. My friends often tell me that im a bit slow in doing something, but im loyal wth them, ok n im unpredictable hahahaha . I love to joke and not being serious when the moment is right. 

For short, i think that’s long-short introduction is enough for myself. It truly very nice to know everyone here. Hope to get new experience and knowledge and friend 🙂 

Terima Kasih n Thank you 



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