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For us who has been living in our comfort zone then suddenly we need to get out and face the real world alone, is not that easy. It looks easy, but it is not. I have spent my childhood together with my parents and have never been separated for 18 years. I stayed in my comfort zone till I decided to pursue my own dream – going overseas for my study.

Done with senior high, I moved to Singapore to get my degree for 2,5 years. Let me tell you, the feeling of just about to move out and far from our parent, is sooo good and excited. I kept thinking that I’ll be free and I can do anything with my own. Even though I’m not literally “alone” – I lived with my aunt – there were times when I feel homesick, moody, and miss home. I miss my mom n dad the most, especially when I was sick. Crying was the only thing I could do back then. Fighting with my own emotions yet I have to do good at school, was not easy at all.

These are some tips from my own experiences staying alone far from home.

  • TIME – I need 2 months to get out from my homesickness. I believe, you all can do better than me right 🙂
  • Stay connected – Living far from parents is fun, but stay connected with them is very important. Sharing to them what happen that day or asking how are they doing, it’s a simple action but the impact is huge.
  • Make Friend – I realize that make friends as many as possible can help too. I came to Singapore alone with none of companion. I knew that there will be two girls from my hometown too, but we’re not closed to one another. So, I tried my best to find new friend and I am so lucky to have nice friends when I was in Singapore.
  • Get yourself active and busy – Here is the thing, people often think that “we shouldn’t get busy with other activities aside from schools”, I appreciate those people who have that mindset. But, for me I think the other way round. In my case, due to my love in dancing, I joined dance club at campus. Wasting time? NO! I gained more new friends, new small crew that I called my new family, I trained myself to stay fit and be disciplined. Any other benefit? Yes, I can learn and improve my time management – doing assignments, studying for quizzes, and dancing. I learned how to work in a group of people and know more about different personalities.

But guys, that is me in my own case. It might not suit you, but I m just want to share what I have experienced. I am so grateful that finally I can finish my study and get my degree now after long fights and supports.

I can do it and I did it! I believe you too! Good luck guys!

Happy to share this post to everyone and I hope it’s useful. See y’all in the next post J



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