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For us who has been living in our comfort zone then suddenly we need to get out and face the real world alone, is not that easy. It looks easy, but it is not. I have spent my childhood together with my parents and have never been separated for 18 years. I stayed in my comfort zone till I decided to pursue my own dream – going overseas for my study.

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“…what am I doing here, sitting alone in front of a screen?”

Hello, nice to meet you world. You can know me as Regin. Writing a blog is not something new to me. I did write a blog back to 2012, but I had stopped writing due to schools. Back then I didn’t know much about writing a blog, yet till this time round, I am feeling the same about writing. However, I want to learn how to write a good article, I want to improve that is why I am decided to start writing again now. Correction is much needed to me right now 😉

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